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Three Education Ideas for NYC’s New Mayor

by Halley Potter, Policy Associate, The Century Foundation

Listen up, De Blasio and Lhota. As New York City prepares for a changing of the guard pending the upcoming mayoral election, a new initiative wants to make sure the new mayor starts out with a few pointers on education. This person will have to assemble an entire strategy for education, but the philanthropic community is eager to partner in improving our schools.

Earlier this week, Philanthropy New York’s Education Funders Research Initiative (EdFunders) released two new papers and hosted a discussion on what’s working in New York City schools — and what’s not.

New York City public schools have made some impressive gains over the past decade. High school graduation rates have risen from less than 50 percent to 65 percent. But the city’s schools are still a long way from the goal of college and career readiness for all.
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See the Storify and More: Education Funders Research Initiative Launch Event


The Education Funders Research Initiative (EdFunders) is a project of Philanthropy New York supported by 16 funding organizations that have pursued a diverse array of education reform strategies. Following more than a year of organizing and research development, Philanthropy New York publicly launched EdFunders on October 8 at Trinity Wall Street.

Over 130 attendees joined us and an esteemed panel, including Scott Evenbeck, President of Guttman Community College; Judith Johnson, Interim Superintendent of Schools, Mount Vernon City School District; New York State Education Commissioner John B. King; NYC Department of Education Chief Academic Officer and Senior Deputy Chancellor Shael Suransky-Polakow; and moderator Beth Fertig of WNYC to discuss the first two research papers commissioned by EdFunders.

Thanks to our dedicated Tweet team, we have a Storify recap of our launch event — you can read it (and several other resources and write-ups) below.
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College and Career Readiness: Are We Measuring What Matters?

by Nicole Rodriguez Leach, Vice President,
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation

In today’s global economy, students must be well prepared for the demands of college and the workplace. Entering college ill-prepared can have dire consequences: It is widely known that obtaining a complete and quality college education is of critical importance to a person’s economic mobility and overall well-being, and to the security of their family. It’s also important to city, state and national economies and to a vibrant and thriving democracy.

Educators, policymakers and philanthropists need to question and examine: How do we best prepare young people to enter college ready to meet the academic, socio-emotional and financial demands of college? What benchmarks are important for students and schools to achieve in order to ensure college readiness and success?
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