Open Comment Period: The Charitable Deduction

In 2011, the Philanthropy New York board approved a formal process for our organization to take an official position on pressing policy concerns and formed a Public Policy Committee to advise staff on how to proceed on such issues. In 2012, we took our first official policy position in favor of simplifying the federal excise tax on private foundations.

We have been tracking several issues and one in particular has advanced to the point where the Public Policy Committee has recommended making an official statement. This is the point in the process where we open the discussion to all Philanthropy New York members, which is the penultimate step before the Board officially endorses or declines to endorse the position.

The Public Policy Committee has recommended adopting this official statement on charitable deductions:

Consistent with Philanthropy New York’s mission to enhance and expand philanthropy, PNY supports public policy that encourages charitable giving. PNY recognizes the role that tax policy plays in encouraging and structuring gifts that support nonprofit organizations and communities. PNY’s Public Policy Committee recommends that the PNY board adopt the following position statement in support of the charitable deduction: “Philanthropy New York supports maintaining full deductibility of itemized charitable deductions.”

Please use the comments section below to weigh in on PNY’s official statement. All comments will be reviewed and incorporated into the analysis that goes to the Board for discussion. The open comment period will go through Wednesday, September 4, 2013.

To help inform members’ thinking, we have developed an issue guide on the Charitable Deduction that lays out “pro,” “con” and “alternative” points of view on the topic.

If you have any questions about Philanthropy New York’s public policy work, please do not hesitate to contact our Vice President of Communications & Public Policy, Michael Hamill Remaley, at or 212-717-0699 x222.

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