Share Your Thoughts: PNY’s 34th Annual Meeting!

Thank you to everyone who attended our 34th Annual Meeting or watched the proceedings via our livestream broadcast! And special thanks again to the Ford Foundation for their generosity as our hosts.

We asked you to share your thoughts on community resiliency in advance of our meeting, and now we’d love to get your feedback on the day’s proceedings.

What ideas explored during our member engagement sessions intrigued you the most? What did you learn during our discussion with Dr. Cynthia Rosenzweig that may have changed the way you think about climate change and planning for disasters? And what takeaways from our panel discussion with Shaun Donovan, Howard Glaser, Seth Pinsky and Melissa Harris-Perry did you find most effective?

Please share your thoughts in the comments submission box below.

Stay tuned to Smart Assets for follow-up posts and links to the livestream recordings, collected Tweets and photos from our 34th Annual Meeting.

We look forward to continuing the conversation with you!

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This is a forum for Philanthropy New York members to discuss issues affecting our sector and the practice of philanthropy.

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  • there are so many things funders can control in our engagement w/ grantees-- focus on quality of our interactions @brooklynmolly #pnyevent -- from 5 hours ago
  • using FHI is more helpful for evaluating social svc orgs vs. policy, advocacy, & community orgs @FwFCarol #PNYevent -- from 5 hours ago
  • for funders with low bandwidth, using FHI is much easier on you + your grantees than asking for budgets. #PNYevent -- from 5 hours ago


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