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New Member Spotlight: The Pilgrim Foundation

The Pilgrim Foundation






We recently welcomed The Pilgrim Foundation to Philanthropy New York. Suzanne Daniel, Director of the foundation, shares details about Pilgrim and its latest projects in this Member Spotlight.

What are your foundation’s primary areas of focus?
Our mission is broad—we are dedicated to protecting children and the most vulnerable members of society by offering financial support to Christian organizations with the same goal. Specifically, we have provided funding to crisis pregnancy centers, orphan care programs, adoption agencies, schools, housing providers, legal service providers, and more, both domestically and internationally.







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What’s “Best” in Philanthropy: A Debate Recap with Aaron Dorfman and Adam Meyerson

Aaron DorfmanAdam Meyerson






Philanthropy New York proudly hosted a recent debate between Aaron Dorfman (pictured left), Executive Director of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP), and Adam Meyerson, President of The Philanthropy Roundtable, that focused on issues and concerns raised by NCRP’s recent report, Criteria for Philanthropy at Its Best: Benchmarks to Assess and Enhance Grantmaker Impact.

We asked Mr. Dorfman and Mr. Meyerson for a follow-up to their debate, which they both graciously provided.
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A Recipe for Managing in Difficult Times

By Hildy J. Simmons

While sorting through some office files recently, I came across a speech I gave in December 1990 at the annual meeting of the Nonprofit Coordinating Committee (NPCC). In looking it over, I found that one of the things I said then was that grantmakers and grantseekers needed to find ways to work together in lean times. No, I’m not prescient, but for those of you who were not paying attention to such matters two decades ago, it was a moment when we were facing extensive service cuts across the City and I used the speech to express the hope that we—grantmakers and grantseekers—had learned something from the fiscal crisis of the 1970s as we struggled to figure out ways to keep programs going and to make progress on various social issues. It was, I thought, a teachable moment.

I think we have one now as well. I also would like to think that I have learned a lot since 1990. One thing I know is that neither the world we live in nor the crisis we now face are the same as what we were dealing with twenty years ago, but there are similarities. My thinking may have evolved over the years, but the longer I am in this field of philanthropy—advising, deciding, giving—the more certain truths remain, to me at least, both self-evident and relevant. Continue reading…

New Member Spotlight: The Andrea & Charles Bronfman Philanthropies

The Andrea and Charles Bronfman PhilanthropiesJeffrey Solomon






We are delighted to feature one of Philanthropy New York’s newest members, The Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies (ACBP), in the first edition of our Member Spotlight.

We asked Jeffrey R. Solomon, ACBP’s President, about the foundation and its latest initiatives.

What are your primary areas of focus?
Our foundations, located in Montreal, Jerusalem, and New York, focus on several areas, investing in the next generations: Canadian history and heritage, Jewish identity, Israeli educational reform, Israeli shared society, Israeli environment, and next generation philanthropy.
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The Future of News

Vincent Stehle

By Vincent Stehle
Chair of the Board of Directors, Philanthropy New York
Program Director for Nonprofit Sector Support, Surdna Foundation

The future is bleak for daily newspapers. The combination of a severe economic downturn along with growing competition from Google and Craigslist and other Internet-based information services is undermining the health of an industry that has operated in roughly the same way for centuries. Every week brings news of another major daily newspaper in deep financial trouble; most recently the threat from the New York Times Company that it would be forced to shut the venerable Boston Globe if it did not receive concessions from the paper’s unions. Continue reading…

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